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Isaacs, Jennifer: Aboriginality: Contemporary Aboriginal Paintings and Prints, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia 1992, ISBN 0702224766

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgement -6-

Foreword -7-

Introduction -8-

Robert Campbell Jnr -13-

Karen Casey -19-

Lin Onus. Ganadila Number 2 -23-

Ian Abdulla -29-

Banduk Marika -35-

Raymond Meeks. Arone -39-

Fiona Foley -45-

Gordon Bennett -53-

Barney Daniels Tjungurrayi -59-

Wanjidari. Leanne Reid -63-

Jimmy Pike -65-

Treahna Hamm -71-

Heather Walker -75-

Jenuarrie. Judith Warrie -79-

Mabel Edmund. Am -85-

Trevor Nickolls -89-

Jeffrey Samuels -95-

Judy Watson -99-

Avril Quaill -103-

Donna Leslie -107-

Ellen José -111-

Mundabaree. Jennifer Green -115-

Leslie Griggs -119-

Zane Saunders -123-

Joseph McIvor -127-

Biographical Details -130-

List of Plates -144-

Cover Text

Published in paperback for the first time, this is the original and foremost book on contemporary Aboriginal art. It features 25 of Australia's most exciting artists selected by Jennifer Isaacs, a specialist in Aboriginal art. The vibrantly colourful artwork blends traditional Aboriginal imagery with urban subject matter and a richly layered spirituality. Chapter by chapter, artists describe their creative philosophies and inspirations. Their art is an expression of their Aboriginality, as well as an extension of their strong political and social values. Illustrated with 85 colour paintings and prints, this book is a relevation to those who associate Aboriginal art only with ancient cave art or bark paintings. It proudly declares a continuing creative dynamism for modern Aboriginal culture.