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Ryan, Judith: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Art in the Collection of the National Art Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 2015, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9780724104031

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Foreword -1-

Indigenous art: moving backwards into the future -2-

Present tense: past legacy -10-

Symmetries and asymmetries in ochre -46-

Cultural assertion informs an acrylic spurenova -104-

Mapping in 3d: Indigenous ways of knowing -128-

Fracturing reality -170-

Charting cultural dissonance. art that is radical and reactionary -204-

Notes -250-

List of works -252-


"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art in the Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria" is a major overview of the work of Indigenous artists of the past 130 years. Entries on more than 100 works in the NGV’s collection reveal the influence of early Indigenous objects on contemporary dialogues; explain systems of representation in Indigenous art; and reveal the ways artists have responded to change and have incorporated new aesthetic principles and artistic concepts, images and imaginaries over time. Through visual analysis, readers gain an understanding of preoccupations with place, ceremony, identity and race in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. This beautifully illustrated publication identifies similarities in artistic perception across time and place, and disrupts prevailing binaries of centre and periphery, traditional and contemporary, and urban and non-urban modes of representation and identification.