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Art Gallery of New South Wales (Hg.): Crossing Country - The Alchemy of Western Arnhem Land Art, Sydney 2004, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 073476359X

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Author's notes -6-

Sponsors and Partners -7-

Lenders -8-

Acknowledgements -9-

Edmund Capon: Foreword -12-

Hetti Perkins: Crossing Country: The alchemy of Western Arnhem Land art -15-

Plates: Bark paintings -20-

Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek AO: Barridjangonhmi Bim! Paint it for me! -96-

Murray Garde: Growing up in a painted landscape -107-

Ivan Namirrkki: Our spirits lie in the water -112-

Luke Taylor: Fire in the water: Inspiration from country -115-

Mary Marabamba: That's my story -131-

Photographic essay Jenni Carter: John Mawurndjul: The artist at work -132-

John Mawurndjul: I'm a chemist man, myself -134-

Plates: Works on paper and woven forms -140-

Photographic essay Jon Altman: Anchor Kulunba: The artist at work -156-

Apolline Kohen: Kuninjku women and the power of making art -161-

Photographic essay Jenni Cater: Susan Marawarr: The artist at work -170-

Jon Altman: Brokering Kuninjku art: Artists, institutions and the market -173-

Mick Kubarkku: We paint our djang -188-

Melba Gunjarrwanga: My mother's hands -191-

Plates: Sculptures -192-

Map -210-

Steven Miller: Select chronology -211-

Artist biographies -216-

List of workd -222-

Glossary -232-

Contributors -234-

Select bibliography -235-

Index -238-