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Art Gallery of New South Wales (Hg.): One Sun One Moon. Aboriginal Art in Australia, Sydney 2007, ISBN 9780734763600

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Hetti Perkins: One Sun One Moon, Aboriginal art in Australia -11-

Ken Watson: Poetic justice: An overview of Indigenous art -17-

Steven Miller: Cultural capital: Key moments in the collecting of Australian Indigenous art -29-

Jon Altman: Art business: The Indigenous visual arts infrastructure -43-

Deborah Edwards: Histories in the making: Aboriginal art and modernism -51-

Art from the north

Marcia Langton and Bruno David: Talking country: The concept of art in Yolngu culture -67-

Howard Morphy: Making the familiar unfamiliar: The aesthetics of eastern Arnhem Land art -73-

Margie West, John Waight and Ken Watson: Banduk Marika in conversation -78-

Luke Taylor: 'Painting Djang': Art and inspiration in western Arnhem Land -85-

Luke Taylor: John Mawurndjul in conversation -93-

Djon Mundine: The concept of style in central Arnhem Land -99-

Apolline Kohen: John Bulunbulun in conversation -106-

David H. Turner: Images of transcendence: The art of the Warnindilyakwa -111-

Margie West and Kim Barber: Dadirri: The art of the Wadeye-Daly region -117-

Margie West: 'It belongs to no one else': The dynamic art of the Tiwi -125-

Hetti Perkins: Pedro Wonaeamirri in conversation -133-

Judith Ryan: 'Different from other mob': Art from Mgukurr and beyond -139-

Judith Ryan: Ginger Riley Munduwalawala in conversation -145-

Desert art

Alison French: 'We've got fo follow that old man's tracks': Engaging with the art of Albert Namatjira -151-

Naomi Sharp: Elaine Kngwarria Namatjira in conversation -165-

Fred Myers, with Jeremy Long: In recognition: The gift of Pintupi painting -171-

Jettie Perkins and Hannah Fink: Genesis and genius: The art of Papunya Tula Artists -181-

Hetti Perkins: Bobby West Tjupurrula in conversation -190-

Christine Nicholls: Painting with passion and purpose: Yuendumu, Lajamanu, Willowra, Nyirrpi and Ikuntji -195-

Jenny Green: Holding the country: Art from Utopia and the Sandover -203-

Margie West and Jenny Green: Kathleen Petyarr in conversation -210-

Christine Watson: Wirrimanu: Meeting place -219-

Art of the Kimberley

Cynthia Coyne: History is being passed on: Images and stories -231-

John E. Stanton: Contemporary art of the East Kimberley -239-

Karen Dayman: Fitzroy Crossing: Collaborative process, cultural projects -249-

Karen Dayman: Pijaju Peter Skipper in conversation -255-

New visions

Grace Cochrane: Cross-over: Two-way influces in contemporary Indigenous design -261-

Margie West: Woven meaning: The continuity of Aboriginal fibre art -271-

Carolyn Sanders: Yvonne Koolmatrie in conversation -276-

Christiane Keller: Lena Yarinkura in conversation -280-

Brenda L. Croft: To be young (at heart), gifted and blak: The cultural and political renaissance in

Indigenous art in Australia -285-

Karen Mills: The politics of painting: Community, culture, country -295-

Hetti Perkins: Judy Watson in conversation -304-

Hannah Fink: Self-evident: Indigenous artists and the photographic image -311-

Hetti Perkins: Michael Riley in conversation -322-

Steven Miller: Select Chronology -330-

Maps -346-

Glossary -348-

Select bibliography -351-

Contributors -356-

Index -360-

Acknowledgements -366-