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Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (Hg.): Kuruwarri. Yuendumu Doors, Aboriginal Studies Press, 1992, ISBN 0855751797

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Kamparru - Introduction

Yimikarikirramaninjawarnu / The translations -2-

Yukanjakurlangu / The doors -3-

Yapa manu ngurrara / The people and their home -6-

Kuruwarri manu yimi / Paintings and Stories

Door 1: Yaparranjikirli / Young Boys -16-

Door 2: Watijarrakurlu / Two Men -20-

Door 3: Watijarrakurlu / Tow Men -24-

Door 4: Purlka-purlkakurlu / Old Men -28-

Door 5: Muturnapardukurlu / Old Women -32-

Door 6: Wardilykakurlu manu Yankirrikirli / Bush Turkey and Emu -36-

Door 7: Puurdakurlu manu Wanakijikirli / Yam and Bush Tomato -40-

Door 8: Yarlakurlu / Big Yam -44-

Door 9: Ngarlajiyikirli manu Yarlakurlu / Small Yam and Big Yam -48-

Door 10: Ngarlkirdikirli / Witchetty Grub -52-

Doors 11 & 12: Karntakurlu / Women -56-

Door 13: Karntakurlu manu Warnakurlu / Women and Snake -60-

Door 14: Karntakurlu manu Warlawurrukurlu / Women and Wedge-tailed Eagle -64-

Door 15: Warlawurrukurlu / Wedge-tailed Eagle -68-

Door 16: Warlawurrukurlu / Wedge-tailed Eagle -72-

Door 17: Ngatijirrikirli / Budgerigar -76-

Door 18: Ngatijirrikirli / Budgerigar -80-

Door 19: Janganpakurlu manu Jajirdikirli / Possum and Native Cat -84-

Door 20: Janganpakurlu / Possum -88-

Door 21: Marlujarrakurlu / Two Kangaroos -92-

Door 22: Yurrampikirli / Honey Ant -96-

Door 23: Yurrampikirli / Honey Ant -100-

Door 24: Yurrampikirli manu Wakapartarikirli / Honey Ant and Mulga Worm -104-

Door 25: Yurrampikirli manu Jipilyakukurlu / Honey Ant and Duck -108-

Door 26: Warnakurlu / Snake -112-

Door 27: Ngapakurlu / Rain -116-

Door 28: Ngapakurlu / Rain -120-

Door 29: Yiwarrakurlu / Milky Way -124-

Door 30: Wangarlakurlu, Janganpakurlu manu Parrakurlu / Corw, Possum and Dawn -128-

Ngakakari / Afterword

Yuendumu doors and post-modernism -133-


This remarkable book celebrates a unique event - some senior men of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory assembled together their major Dreamings in one place and one time by painting them on the doors of the Yuendumu school. This small group of men, who are members of Warlukurlangu Artists, have created a collection of great beauty. In addition, the men told the Dreamings, and others in the community translated these, wrote a description of the community, and drew a map showing the Dreaming sites. The first painting in the book is of the Young Boy's Dreaming. The book proceeds through twenty-nine other paintings including such Dreamings as Yam, Witchetty Grub, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Honey Ant, Rain and Milky Way, and ends with an old man, Possum - 'Day appeared to him as he sat all alone near that swamp which is called Parrarlpanturnu, Place of the Dawn. He had come from Yakurdyi and Dawn came upon him at Parrarlpanturnu'. These paintings make the claim that the landscape speaks. Paddy Japaljarri Stewart, who painted many of the paintings in this book, said of them: 'We show them to the children and explain them so the children will know them. We want our children to learn about and know our Law, our Dreamings.' The senior men of Yuendumu believe in the truth of these paintings and also wish to convey that to Europeans, to whom they believe they have a responsibility to communicate these things of which they know more than anybody. In offering the paintings and stories in this book, the people of Yuendumu are inviting readers to share in a unique event and a unique experience.