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Art Monthly Australia 56, Aboriginal Art in the Public Eye, Supplement, December-February 1992-93, ISSN 1033-4025

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Djon Mundine: Spot the Primitive -5-

Marcia Langton: The two women looked back over their shoulders & lamented leaving their country: detached comment (recent urban) & symbolic narrative (traditional) -7-

Howard Morphy: Gaps in collections and spaces for exhibition - reflections on the acceptance of Aboriginal 'art' in Europe and Australia -10-

Nigel Lendon: Having a History - Development and Change in the Paintings of the Story of the Wagilag Sisters -13-

O'Ferrall, Michael: What happened after the Cup way out West -16-

David McNeill: Reception -18-

Brenda Croft: A very brief bit of an overview of the Aboriginal Arts/cultural industry by a sort of renegade or, The cultural correctness of certain issues -20-

Jennifer Isaacs: The Public Face of Aboriginal Art in the 70s and 80s -23-

Roger Benjamin: 'The Work is the Statement': an Interview with Gabrielle Pizzi -25-

Keringke Arts in Aoteoroa New Zealand -35-

Susan Cochrane: Aboriginal Women's Exhibition, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Centre -36-

Hetti Perkins: Comments on Whatu Aho Rua: A Weaving Together of Traditional and Contemporary Taonga -38-

Judy Watson: Judy Watson in Italy -39-

Bevan Hayward: A Printmaker in North America -39-

Leah King-Smith: The Nineteenth Century photographs in Patterns of Connection -41-

Michael Leigh: Polemics at the Pictures brokering the indigenous image -42-

Sylvia Kleinert: Another Aboriginal art -44-

Kerry Giles: International Shame, Artists' Week, Adelaide Festival 1992 -45-

Bibliography -46-

Contributors -46-

Cover Artist: Richard Bell -47-

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