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Artlink 32 (2), June 2012: Indigenous. Indignation, ISSN 0727-1239

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Daniel Browning: Reclaimed -28-

Stephanie Radok: Making History -30-


Djon Mundine: The Ballad of Jimmy Governor -32-

Dianne Jones: What Lies Buried on My Land Rises -36-

Gay McDonald: Culture Warriors as Cultural Diplomacy -38-

Sam Cook: Lateral Violence is an Indigenous Arts Thing -42-

Bruce McLean: Bindi Cole’s Seventy Times Seven -44-

Hetti Perkins: A Place of our Own -46-

Garry Jones: Artefacts of Authenticity -49-

Fran Edmonds, Lee Darroch and Maree Clarke with Vicki Couzens: Ancestral Memory: out of the shadows -54-

Kevin O’Brien: For Architecture and Country -60-

Fiona Foley: The Elephant in the Room: public art in Brisbane -64-

Sara White: Tandanya: the case for home -68-

Exhibitions Australia

John Kean: Big Wave: desert country -72-

Maurice O’Riordan: Sitting & Connecting: Goulburn Art Class 2-0-1-1 -78-

Susan Jenkins and Terry Cleary: Reviewing Our Mob -82-

Ali Baker: Long Way Home: Yungorrendi First Nations celebration -84-

Darren Jorgensen: No Place without Other Places: Spinifex Arts Project -86-


Jason Wing: Postcards from China -88-

Gary Proctor: Tu Di Shen Ti, Our Land Our Body: Warburton to China -91-

Susan Lowish and Alison Inglis: Trepang: Crossing cultures, creating connections -94-


Tim Morrell: Archie Moore: drilling deep -96-

Troy-Anthony Baylis: Queerly Speaking -98-

Una Rey: Presence in the Land: Nici Cumpston -100-

Jan Hogan: The Performative Print: aAlick Tipoti’s Girelal -104-


Sue Ryan: The Ghost Net Art Project -108-

Book Review

Brenda L. Croft: How Aborigines Invented the Idea of Contemporary Art -111-

John Oster: Indigenous Art Code: cracking the code -114-

Extra Extra

New exhibitons, initiatives, projects -116-


Exhibitions to watch -25-


National Exhibition Reviews: Critical Reviews of exhibitions of art from Australia and around the world -127-

Artrave -123-