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Artlink 34 (2) 2014: Indigenous. Blackground, ISSN 0727-1239

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Carly Lane: Trith is Better than Fiction -24-

Glenn Iseger-Pilkington: Memory, Identity and Habit - A Personal Riff -26-


Djon Mundine: Aboriginal Performance Art: How Bizarre -28-

Jenny Fraser: Cultural Apartheid and the Superhighway Across the Sky -30-

Jonathan Jones: Lighting the Fire and the Return of the Boomerang: Cultural Renaissance in the South East -32-


Bruce McLean: Alternative Blackfella: Douglas Watkin -38-

Daniel Browning in conversation with Yhonnie Scarce: A Lens and a Mirror -42-

Dianne Jones: All that Swagger and not a Sorry in Sight: Richard Bell -46-

Will Stubbs in conversation with Yinimala Gumana: It Comes from the Spirit of the Land -50-

Kimberley Moulton: Culture is Present in Everything We Do: Koori Artists -54-

Clotilde Bullen: Reason and Fancy: The Art of Brian Robinson -58-

Wally Caruana: Reflecting Times -61-

Eleanor Scicchitano: Moments of Intersection: James Tylor -64-

Thelma John talks to Sharon Egan: The Hidden Past -67-

Chrischona Schmidt: Seeing the Everyday: Christine Multa -69-


Genevieve O’Callaghan: Tjungu (Together): Derek Thompson and Tjimpuna Williams in China -71-

Emilia Galatis: Yuwa Walkumunu Telephonepa-Lampatju Yarlarringu (Hello, I’ve Got a Mobile Phone) -73-

Lola Greeno: Art in Aboriginal Tasmania -78-

Tim Acker and Tod Jones / Fiona Hena: Fair Exchange: The Rise of the Art Fairs -80-

Stephanie Radok: Watching the River Flow -84-

Book Reviews

Troy-Anthony Baylis: The Flash of Recognition -85-

Stephanie Radok: The Dealer is the Devil -87-


Kelli Cole: The New Indigenous Galleries: Four Years On -88-

Andrea Witcomb: Poetics and Politics: Bunjilaka at the Melbourne Museum -91-

Tahjee Moar: Woollarawarre Bennelong of the Wangal: A Life Between Two Worlds -94-

Ian McLean: Aboriginal Art at the Royal Academy in 2013 -96-

Maggie Fletcher: Our Mob: South Australian Aboriginal Artists -98-

Franchesca Cubillo: Salon Des Refusés - Territory Style -100-

Vanessa Russ: Remembering the Future -102-

Extra Extra: Initiatives, Exhibitions, Projects -104-

Regular Features

Artrave -109-

Obituary: Pamela Kouwenhoven -111-

National Exhibition Revies -114-