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Artlink 35 (2) 2015: Indigenous: Global, ISSN 0727-1239

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Daniel Browning: Editorial: Perceiving the distant -10-

Chantelle Woods: An Indigenous perspective -14-

Djon Mundine: Editorial essay: I’m not sure that I exist (after Borges) -15-

Jonathan Kimberley with Yhonnie Scarce: Unmapping the end of the world -20-

Interview with Djon Mundine: Fiona Foley: Woman on the Dunes -26-

Interview with Djon Mundine: Maria Fernanda Cardoso: Mestizaje -30-

Interview with Djon Mundine: Lindy Lee: Asia Link -33-

Interview with Djon Mundine: Catherine Croll: Picanniny’s pool is down the road -36-

Philip Watkins: Fragrant lands: There’s all our country -40-

Nici Cumpston: Tarnanthi: Fetival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art -44-

Gay McDonald and Laura Fisher: Kngwarreye in Japan -48-

Jonathan Kimberley: Lena Nyadbi: Dayiwul in Paris -52-

Interview with Djon Mundine: Jenny Fraser: The cyberTribe Odyssey -55-

Léuli Eshraghi: We are born of the Fanua: Moananui arts practice in Australia -60-

Ruben Allas: Grassroots cultural exchange between western New South Wales and the Philippines -66-

Yiorgos Zafiriou: Karla Dickens: ‘Its not bloody art, it’s work!‘ -70-

Laura Skerlj: In Her Skin: Feminist observations in the work of Georgia MacGuire -74-

Bronwyn Carlson: Globalising teaching and learning in Indigenous Studies -78-

Michelle Evans: Towards an outward-looking Indigeneity -81-

Reviews -86-

Books -100-

Previews -102-