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Artlink 10 (1, 2), Herbst/Winter 1990: Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art, ISSN 0727-1239

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Traditions in Evolution

John Mundine: A Memorial for the Dead -3-

Margie West: Banduk Marika: An Artist’s Project -4-

John Kean: Seven Artists from Papunya -7-

Christopher Hodges: Utopia: from song to batik to canvas, a remarkable journey -9-

Jenny Green: Country in Mind: life after Namatjira -12-

John Kean: Innovation at Ernabella: Pitjantjatjara women pushing the conventions -14-

Sharon Monty: Abie Jangala: despite trucking and resettlement still boss of the water Dreaming -15-

Sharon Monty: ‘Bronson’ and Norah Nelson: painting is steady work -16-

Sharon Monty: Paddy Fordham Wainburranga, ‘old style’ painter -17-

David Wroth: Blending traditions at Mt Magnet: Doris Gingingara -18-

Patricia Lowe: The most isolated artist in the world: Jimmy Pike -20-

Christine Lennard: Custodians of the Law at Yuendumu: Warlukurlangu Artists -22-

Dorothea Philips: Jukurrpa: Aboriginal-owned and controlled -23-

Cait Wait: T-shirts and much more at Keringke Arts -24-

Kathy Barnes: Famous designs from growing industry: Tiwi Designs -25-

Margie West: The Law and Women: new custodianships and responsibilities -26-

Diane Moon: Concern for Country and Quality Control at Maningrida -27-

Neva Grzybowicz: Tindale recycled: genealogy project at SA Museum -29-


John Mundine: Art Co-ordinator: no ordinary job -31-

Philip Batty: What is ‘Authentic’ Aboriginal art? -32-

Steve Anderson: ANCAAA: a communication network -34-

Adrian Marrie: Restoring heritage to Murris: FAIRA -35-

Michael Rae: The Superstar Syndrome and the art coordinator -36-

Legal and Lobby

Lin Onus: Appropriation: a fine line -38-

Martin Hardie: Aboriginal copyright cases -39-

Peter Sutton: What is Comalco up to? Report from Arukun -41-

Tim Rowse: At Last!! The Arts and Crafts Industry Review! And what did it achieve? -42-

Working in Isolation

Neil Turner: How the elders of Ernabella became TV producers and got the better of the Brady Bunch -43-

Burraga Gutya: Writing for survival -48-

Marshall Bell: Artists on stage at last -50-

Kevin Gilbert: The Struggle for justice continues -52-

Performing Arts

Raymond Kelly: How nine little scenes turned into an award-winning play -54-

Alan Dargin: Minority messages through art: Jabiru Cabaret in Cairns -55-

Vivian Walker: A new Aboriginal national theatre -56-

Jim Everett: Tasmanian theatre: alive and kicking -57-

Marion Granich: Broome bursting with music -58-

Andy Kiwat: Darwin hosts the Rock Festival -59-


Wayne Costelloe: Radio Redfern: the Koori Voice -61-

Margaret O’Shane: Black Radio in Cairns -62-

Anne Rutherford: Has Tracey Moffatt made a horror movie? Night Cries previewed -65-

Visual Arts Projets / Opinions

Michael O’Ferrall: Rover Thomas and Trevor Nickolls go to Venice -66-

Steve Fox: A letter from Arnhem Land where all the Real Art’s supposed to be -68-

Christine Watson: Printmaking: aftermath of a bicentennial -70-

Michael Eather: Fantastic Journey: the Story of Balance 1990 -73-

Louise Dauth: Balance 1990: spot the influence -75-

Theo Tremblay: Mecca for Printmakers -75-

Peter McKenzie: Magiciens de la Terre: “Paris is allright but it’s not Yuendumu” -77-

Artist Profiles

Michael Eather: Lin Onus -80-

Felicity Wright: Mural at Port Lincoln. Kerry Giles, Melanie Howard -81-

Kurwingie (Kerry Giles) -82-

Vincent Megaw: Peter Dabah -83-

Robert Campbell Jnr. -83-

Leone Stanford: Milton Budge -84-

Noris Ioannou: Bluey Roverts -86-

Anna Eglitis: Tatipai Barsa and Zane Sounders -87-

Megan Griggs: Les Griggs -88-

Margriet Bonnin: Judy Watson -89-

Alta Winmar: Shane Pickett -90-

Libby Morgan: Wanjidari -90-

Ellen José -91-

Natalie Greenwood: Donne Leslie -92-

Anne Kirker: Gordon Bennett -93-

Natalie Greenwood: Maree Clarke -95-

Bronwyn Bancroft: Seminar series at Power Institute -95-

Natalie Greenwood: Gayle Maddigan -96-

Sylvia Kleinert: Narragunawali in Canberra -97-

Sally Morgan talks to Artlink -99-

Design in the Commercial Area

Bronwyn Bancroft: Designer Aboriginals -101-

David Kerr: John & Ros Moriarty of Jumbana -103-

David Wroth: Desert Designs -104-


Kay Hannaford: The first Aboriginal cultural institute, Tandanya, Adelaide -106-

Brenda Croft: Boomalli Artist Cooperative, Sydney -108-

Mabel Edmund: Vocational Arts Centre, Cairns -109-

Charlie Schiavone: Aboriginal community College, Port Adelaide -110-

Geoff Narkle: Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation, Perth -112-

Ben L. Yengi: Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music, Adelaide -113-

Joel Smoker: Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, Kununurra -114-

Mary Wright: Birukmarri, Fremantle -115-

Moree Plains Regional Gallery -116-

Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney -116-

J. V. S. Megaw: Flinders University of South Australia -117-

Murriimage Community Video & Film, Brisbane -118-

Lesley Fogarty: Aboriginal Arts Unit, Australia Council -118-


Ruth Megaw and Vincent Megaw: Reading list -119-