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Artlink 20 (1), 2000: Reconciliation? Indigenous art for the 21st century, ISSN 0727-1239

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Janet Maughan: From the 21st century and through the telescope -4-

The Long View

Paul Tacon: New insight into old North Australian Rock-art -6-

Marcia Langton: Homeland: sacred visions and the settler state -11-


Jenny Green: Emily Kame Kngwarrray. An accidental modernst? -17-

Patricia Vinnicombe: Queenie McKenzie -20-

Kim Akerman: Rover Thomas -22-

Dick Kimber: M. N. Tjapaltjarri and Y. Y. Gibson Tjungurrayi -24-

Michael O’Ferrall: George Milpurruru and David Malangi -26-

Margo Neale: Lin Onus -28-


Vivien Johnson: The ‘Aboriginal Art Scandals’ Scandal -32-

Christine Nicholls: Indigenous Australian art and the stolen generation -36-

Tjalaminu Mia: Mooditji gnuni yarka yel ngillelung gurlongga - …good brother working with our kids… -40-

Felicity Wright: Can art make people (feel) well? The relationship between art and health -42-

Gary Lee: Picturing Aboriginal social and solitical photography 45 –

The Diversity of Practice

Doreen Mellor: Challenging boundaries: Indigenous art in three dimensions -50-

Basil Hall: Printmaking in Aboriginal communities -56-

Robyn Healy and Judith Ryan: The allure of Indigenous Australian textiles -59-

Gary Lee: Black Glory: Aboriginal erotica -62-

Maurice O’Riordan: Charting co-existence -65-

John Kean: Political theatre in Beyond the Pale -68-

Liesl Rockchild: Bush Toys - a living history -70-

Susan Hartley: Art in Warmun community -72-

Margie West: New ways with clay - recent developments in Tiwi pottery -74-

Darryl Pfitzner Millika: Three artists in Adelaide - Tandanya a major player in famous arts festival -76-

Ken Watson and Bronwyn Bancroft: Boomalli: Fact or fantasy: you decide! -78-

Gaye Sculthorpe: Wurreka – Judy Watson’s etched zinc wall at Bunjilaka -80-

Franchesca Cubillo: Contemporary Voices: Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery in the South Australian Museum -81-

John Dallwitz: The remote north-west of South Australia… first contact… -83-

Behind the Scenes

Brenda L. Croft: Labelled - buyer be aware -84-

Jon Altman: The Indigenous visual arts industry: Issues and prospects for the next decade -86-

Susan Congreve: Fair trade in Central Australia -86-

Vivien Johnson: The House of Aboriginality -93-

Philip Morrissey: Snapshot of a culture -94-

Tamara Winikoff: The Art and Craft Centre Story (Bookreview) -96-

Lotte Waters: Nomad to TV star in three years: Walala Tjapaltjarri meets the world -97-

Getting Connected

Sue Angel: Remote area cumputer art: multi-media talent emerges in Yuendumu -98-

Chris Lee: Indigenous Art online - Virtual sales of actual art? Profit and Promotion -100-

Cynthia Coyne: Snapshot of contemporary sound, movement and words from Broome -102-

Darlene Johnson: View-finders: Indigenous filmmakers take control -104-


Vincent Megaw and Ruth Megaw: Bibliography -106-

Sylvia Kleinert: The Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art and culture -111-

Map -112-