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Artlink: Indigenous, re-visions, 33, 2, 2013

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Stephanie Radok: Good Medicine -28-

Daniel Browning: The Dearth of Criticism Produces Mediocrity -30-


Maurice O’Riordan: The (White) Elephant in the Room. Criticising Aboriginal Art -33-

Vernon Ah Kee: Let’s be polite… -40-

David Garneau: Toward Indigenous Criticism: The AH Kee Paradox -44-

Djon Mundine: Ich bin ein Aratjara: 20 Years Later -50-

John Carty: The Limits of Criticism -54-


My Country, I Still Call Australia Home: Contemporary Art from Black Australia: Interview with Bruce McLean -60-

Emily Cloney: Everywhere at All Times Bringing the Archive into the Contemporary

Antoanetta Ivanova: Spirits beyond Borders: Shadowlife -64-

Nungaodradek AEAF 2013 -66-

Sue Ryan: Ghostnets Go Global, and Local -68-


Judith Ryan: Disquiet and Resistance in the Art of Julie Gough -70-

Justin Bishop: Ken Thaiday Senior, Darnley Man -75-

Jirra Harvey: Rekospective -78-

Karen Dayman: Jimmy Pike: There is More -82-

Peter Hylands: The Road to Pompurraaw -86-

Troy-Anthony Baylis: Tracking Bluey Roberts -88-

Beverley Mitchell and Napoleon Oui: Rainforest Identity (Past and Future) -92-

Michelle Culpitt: String Theory: Karen Mills -94-

Tess Allas: Blackprints @ Cicada Press -96-

Daniel Browning: New Currency: Ryan Presley -98-

Brian Martin: Carving into Country: The Work of Badger Bates -102-


Will Stubbs: Gulumbu Yunupingu (1943-2012) -104-

James Bennett: Jean Baptiste Apuatimi (1940-2013) -108-

Tony Albert: Arthur Pambegan Jr (1936-2010) -110-

Rox De Luca and Josie Newton: Pam Johnston (1947-2013) -113-

Matt Poll: Harry Wedge (1957-2012) -114-

Jack Wilkie-Jans: Thancoupie (1937-2011)

Extra, Extra: Initiatives, Exhibitions, Projects -121-

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Exhibitions to Watch -25-

Artrave -126-

National Exhibition Reviews: Critical Reviews from Australia and around the World -130-