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Beier, Ulli: Dream Time - Machine Time. The Art of Trevor Nickolls, Bathurst 1985, ISBN 0949267139

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Trevor Nickolls was born in Port Adelaide in 1949. He holds a Diploma in Fine Art from the South Australian School of Fine Art and a post-graduate Diploma in Painting from the Victorian College of the Arts. He has been an art teacher in Port Pirie, Yass and Darwin. Trevor has held a Creative Arts Fellowship by the Australian National University and was awarded a Development Grant from the Aboriginal Arts Board. He has held one-man shows in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin and has recently been invited to exhibit in West Germany. The major theme of Trevor Nickolls' work is the conflict between 'Machine Time and Dream Time' - the problem of man trapped and isolated in an industrial society but longing for a more meaningful existence. For Trevor Nickolls the resolution of this conflict involves the search for his Aboriginal roots which helps him to a new understanding of the Australian landscape.