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Beier, Ulli: Encounters with Aboriginal Australians, Vol. 1-3, Limited Edition

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Volume 1

Introduction: Encounters with Aboriginal Australians -i-

Encouraging the Arts among Australian Aborigines. A report for the Australian Council of the Arts -1-

Notes -43-

Postscripts. With hindsight, 40 years later -46-

Remembering "Nugget" Coombs -49-

The Coming of Death. The Tiwi Myth of Purakapali and Tapara the Moon Man, as told by Sandra le Brun Holmes, from KOVAVE, Vol 1, No 2, 1970 -53-

Australian Myth in Nigeria, from Hemisphere, Vol 1, No 9, 1972 -55-

Reverend Lazarus Lami Lami: I Become a Minister, from KOVAVE, Vol 1 No 2, 1970, -59-

Volume 2

David Mawaljarlai: Colour is Beatuy. A Conversation with Ulli Beier

Kath Walker: Hijack

Ulli Beier: A Dream of the Desert. The Art of Martin Dougall

Ulli Beier: A Visit to Jimmy Pike

Michael Nelson Tjakamarra with Ulli Beier: Opera House Mural, from Art Monthly, June 1988

Georgina Beier: Art Workshop at the Aboriginal and Islander Dance Company 1979, Photo documentary

Jabbannunga Granites: A Visit to Germany, Photo documentary

Volume 3

John Cato. "Suddenly the image jumps at you". Interview with Ulli Beier

Ulli Beier: "It's the beauty of the story that really gets you - more than the actual painting." The Art of William Hughes

Ulli Beier: Geoff Bardon and the Beginnings of Papunya Tula Art

Colin Johnson. "The Aboriginal who became a Buddhist Monk". Interview with Ulli Beier

Mathew Doyle. An Aboriginal didgeridoo player who performs "World Music". Interview with Ulli Beier