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Bell, Diane: Daughters of the Dreaming, Allen & Unwin, Sydney 1993, ISBN 1863734414

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List of Maps and Diagrams -vi-

Foreword to Second Edition -1-

Into the Field -7-

Change and Continuity -41-

Reclaiming the Past -41-

Fragments from the Fontier -50-

The Present: Warrabri -73-

The Jukurrpa -90-

Bosses not Prisoners -94-

The Sustaining Ideals: Land, Love and Well-being -110-

The Kaytej Jilimi and 'Ring Place' -110-

Yawulyu and Land -128-

Health -145-

Love -162-

We Follow One Law -182-

'Sometimes We Dance Together' -182-

Making Young Men -205-

The Problem of Women -229-

Appendix 1

The Warlpiri Orthography -255-

The Arrernte and Kaytej Orthographies -255-

Appendix 2

Kinship -256-

The Subsection System -260-

Country Relations -264-

Marriage -267-

Ritual Reciprocity -269-

Epilogue -273-

Bibliography -307-

A Note on Orthography -327-

Glossary -328-

Index -331-


'Daughters of the Dreaming' has taken its place alongside the classics of Australian anthropological literature. First published in 1983, it remains an outstanding study of Aboriginal women's lives from a woman's perspective. 'Daughters of the Dreaming' raised issues about gender relations, the writing of ethnography and feminist research that are still being vigorously debated. In this second edition, Bell revisits her work of the seventies from her standpoint in the nineties. In a thought-provoking epilogue she explores key anthropological questions posed by her analysis of her first fieldwork from her current standpoint as a professor a decade on.