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Bowdler, Cath (Hg.): Colour Country. Art from Roper River, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Wagga Wagga 2009, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9781875247998

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Kerry Pascoe: Foreword -2-

Introduction -4-

Two Laws: The socio-historical context in the Roper region -8-

‘Isn’t someone in charge out there?’: The history of art production at Ngukurr -18-

Worlds Within Worlds: Willie Gudabi and Moima Willie -30-

Judith Ryan: ‘Different from other mob’: Ginger Riley Munduwalawala -38-

God’s Country: Gertie Huddleston -46-

Big Corroboree Stories: Djambu Barra Barra -56-

Colour Country: Amy Jurwulurr Johnson -70-

Nicolas Rothwell: Imagined Country: Angelina George -78-

Ngukurr Now -82-

Selected Bibilography -88-

List of Works -90-

Acknowledgements -92-