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Brown, Kerry und Sharma, Sima (Hg.): Yimiklirli. Warlpiri Dreamings and Histories, Harper Collins Publishers, Pymble 1994, ISBN 0060661259

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Contributors -xi-

Preface -xiii-

Translators' Acknowledgments -xv-

ISLT's Acknowledgments -xvi-

Introduction -xvii-

Molly Tasman Napurrurla /Jajirdikirli / The Spotted Cat -1-

Uni Nampijinpa: Warlukurlangu / What happened at the Place of Fire -23-

Jacko Ross Jakamarra: Yarmurnturrngukurra Karna Pina Kulpa Ngurrakurra Yajarlukurra / To Yarmurnturrngu and How I Came Back to Yajarlu -37-

Henry Cook Jakamarra: Marlujarrakurlu / The Two Kangaroos -45-

Kajingarra Napangardi: Marlurlukurlu / The Youth -55-

Ngarlinjiya Mary Robertson Nungarrayi: Witikirli / The Travels of the Witi Poles -73-

Jimmy Jungarrayi: Patilirrikirli / Abount Patilirri -93-

Liddy Nelson Nakamarra: Wapurtarlikirli / The Battle at Yumurrpa -105-

Popeye Jangala: Jarntujarrakurlu / The Two Dogs -119-

Joe Jangala: Malikijarrakurlu / The Two Dogs -129-

Tiger Japaljarri: Warnajarrakurlu / The Two Snakes -139-

Peggy Rockman Napaljarri: Wawarljakurlu / The Man from Wawarlja -149-

D. M. Jakamarra: Yurrkurukurlu / The Events at Yurrkuru -161-

Ted Egan Jangala: Miss Pink-kirli / Taking Care of Miss Pink -173-

Mary O'Keefe Napurrurla: Yapuntakurlu / The Orphan -181-

Notes on the Plates -191-


Thus begins a fascinating journey into the living mythology of the Warlpiri people of Central Australia. The Jukurrpa of "Dreaming" is the basis of Warlpiri culture and law. It is the seminal story of the creation of the world, which continues to exist as the eternal present embodied in songs, stories, dance, and geographical locations. The Warlpiri believe that the Dreaming is always present, though people may forget or lose sight of it. The telling of these and other tales is essential in keeping the spirit of the Dreaming alive. This collection of fifteen stories from Warlpiri elders reflects the importance of the Dreaming in all of its manifestations. Recorded and translated here for the first time are stories rich with insight into Aboriginal spirituality and life - on subjects as diverse as adolescence, love, hatred, sexuality, marriage, family, war, peace, physical and psychological survival, and aging. Told with wisdom and elegance, and illustrated with Warlpiri art and maps, these narratives evoke the integral relationship between the Australian landscape and Aboriginal spirituality.