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Carroll, Peter John: Bark Art From Western Arnhem Land: Kunwinjku dolobbo bim. Bark paintings from Injalak: the diocesan collection, Perth 2010, ISBN 9780646535586

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Introduction -v-

Acknowledgements -vi-

The Territory Diocese

Foreword -1-

Preface -1-

Two-way Learning -2-

The CMS Years

Bark Paintings - Preparation, Technique and Colour -3-

The Mimih - The View of the Older Artists -6-

The Art and Story Tradition

The Diocesan Collection -9-

X-ray Art -9-

Telling the Story -10-

Hunting and Fishing -12-

The Mimih Tradition

A Perspective From Gunbalanya 14-

Who were the Mimih? -14-

Art in Gunbalanya Today

From Art as Shelter to Art as Industry -20-

The Injalak Story -20-

Injalak Today -23-

Art and Artists

The Paintings -26-

The Artists -47-

References -51-