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Egan, Ted: Due Inheritance. Reviving the cultural and economic wellbeing of First Australians, Niblock Pub., Nightcliff 2008, ISBN 9780980390469

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Foreword -v-

Introduction -1-

The accident of birth -4-

The present state of play -6-

Black and white issues -9-

The non-Aboriginal point of view -11-

First Australian’s point of view -13-

The stolen Generation -13-

Semantics: Indigenous? Aboriginal? First Australian? -18-

First Australian unity -22-

Do we still not count First Australians? -24-

Urban elites and rural underclasses -26-

First among equals? -30-

The prospect of political reconciliation -37-

The alternative to a referendum -40-

What price reconciliation? What form should it take? -42-

Real economics: McLeod’s mob, WA -44-

A national rethink of employment and unemployment -47-

Disaster areas -53-

Replacing unemployment benefits -55-

A law to promote the best interests of First Australians -59-

Health, education and housing strategies -64-

Health -64-

Education -66-

Housing -74-

The housing debate: Points to cover -75-

Alcohol -83-

A starting point: A new approach to self-help -96-

Raising the barn -97-

Volunteers for Reconciliation -101-

Joint management of national parks -107-

The political and financial empowerment of First Australians -113-

A new body: The Academy of First Australians -114-

Election of the Academy -115-

The Academy and the Stolen Generation -118-

The operation of the Academy -121-

Affiliations with land -123-

Formula to establish the Inheritance -124-

A crucial question: Will the Federal Treasurer be impressed? -133-

General directions for the Academy to consider -138-

Investment strategies for the Academy -139-

Executive Summary: A review of proposals in this book -141-

Conclusion -145-

About the Author -146-