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Flinders University City Gallery (Hg.): Gooch's Utopia: collected works from the Central Desert, Adelaide 2008, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9780725811082

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Acknowledgements -6-

Area map -8-

A note on orthography -9-

Gail Greenwood: Foreword -11-

Fiona Salmon: Gooch’s Utopia -12-

Louise Haigh talks to Rodney Gooch -20-

Christopher Hodges: Roodney Gooch - A full life in the desert -24-

Philip Batty: The Gooch Effect - Rodney Gooch and the art of the art advisor -26-

Christine Nicholls: Ronnie and Co - The making of The Gooch Collections -32-

Colour plates -43-

List of works -85-

Artist biographies -88-

Bibliography -92-