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Johnson, Vivien: Michael Jagamara Nelson, Craftsman House, Sydney 1997, ISBN 0766410135

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Acknowledgements -6-

Introduction -7-

'Another World' -9-

The View from Yuendumu -33-

'I Want to be Artist Too' -47-

'Five Stories' -61-

1988 -79-

Running Trees -99-

Fame -111-

Epilogue: 'Getting the Story Straight' -133-

Annotations for the Paintings -145-

Footnotes -156-

List of Exhibitions and Publications -161-

List of Colour Plates -163-

Index -165-


Designer of the Parliament House mosaic and painter of the BMW Aboriginal Art Car, Michael Jagamara Nelson is one of the best known Aboriginal artists in Australia. He is also 'a real Warlpiri man', an articulate exponent of Western Desert viewpoints on the internationally famous art movement in which he has played such a key role. In this comprehensive study, illustrated by over 40 of the artist's paintings and dozens of photographs documenting one of the most extraordinary careers in contemporary Australian art. Dr Vivien Johnson interweaves the artist's own perspective on his work with the social and political events which are inseparable from its strength as art. The reader will also be taken on a guided tour by the artist of the Dreaming sites depicted in his paintings, which are the foundation of both his art and his identity.