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Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (Hg.): New Legend. A Story of Law and Culture and the Fight for Self-Determination in the Kimberley, Fitzroy Crossing 2006, ISBN 0646464426

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Acknowledgements -6-

Foreword -7-

Kimberley towns & communities map -9-

Location of traditional languages map -10-

Language Preface -11-

Introduction -13-

"This Law has big important words." Aboriginal customary Law in the Kimberley -15-

Traditional governance and the status of elders -16-

The skin system, kinship and inter-tribal unity in the Kimberely -20-

Women's Law -25-

Men's Law -30-

Spiritual belief and esoteric knowledge -36-

Increase of resources and the traditional economy -38-

Land -41-

Education -43-

Discipline and traditional justice -46-

"Culture means how you live." "I talk with my own lingo, about my country, about my culture." -49-

Language -62-

"Long way from that time to new life, story I'm telling you now." The impact of historical events on Aboriginal societies and traditional Law and Culture in the Kimberley -65-

The impact of invasion -65-

Station time -66-

Missionaries and the impact of Christianity -69-

Government policies of child removal -72-

Assimilation -73-

The recognition of Aboriginal rights -76-

"Keeping Strong." Political movement and the creation of grass roots organizations

Noonkanbah and the birth of the Kimberley Land Council -81-

The creation of the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture and Language Resource Centres -88-

"To tell you the truth, it started to spread like wildfire." "Native Title and KALACC and Land Council, they're properly one." -101-

"And now today it's a very different world." "We'll have a vision too." Contemporary issues and future directions -159-

"We like to see young people." "The apprentices' journey." -167-

"It's really important that this organization stands forever." Business of the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre -183-

Law Time -187-

Meetings -187-

Festivals -189-

Community business, police, and cultural mediation -193-

Advice and direction on cultural protocols -195

Repatriation -196-

Work of the Kimberley Language Resource Centre -197-

"Strong people." -201-

Index -209-

Index of People -213-