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Lester, Yami: Yami - The autobiography of Yami Lester, IAD Press, Alice Springs 1993, ISBN 0949659606

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This is Yami Lester's story: from stockman to stirrer. Beginning in the heart of the Western Desert, Yami tells of his early years learning the country and the Law from the Ones Who Know. Of his years as a stockman, learning his trade on the vast, unfenced cattle stations of the Centre. Of his yeras living in the world of the white people. And of the childhood memories stirred by a voice on the radio - memories of the day when the ground shook and a black mist came up from the south and covered the camp. Of the sickness that followed, and the blindness that changed his life for ever. Yami's is a unique life of challenge and change, courage and humour. From the remote Centralian outback to the Handback of Uluru, from bomb tests at Maralinga to the Royal Commission in London, Yami's memories are about the making of modern Australian history.