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Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (Hg.): Transitions. 17 Years of the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Darwin 2000, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 0724546146

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Ziggy E. Switkowski: Sponsor's Message -2-

Banduk Marika: Preface -4-

Patrick Filmer-Snakey: Director's Foreword -6-

Jon Altman & Luke Taylor: Commerce and Culture: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art and the market -9-

Doreen Mellor: Contemporaneity, Movement and Change in Australian Indigenous Visual Art Practice -19-

Avril Quaill: Where Ya From, Who's Ya Mob, and What Did You Do in the Award?: the involvement of urban Indigenous artists in NATSIAA -25-

Howard Morphy: Eye of the Storm: the Kathelle Petyarre case -39-

Djon Mundine: Rubbish Art -46-

Nicholas Thomas: Utopia is a Particular Place -51-

Captain Cook and the Titanic: Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Life -58-

Maintaining the Aura: Cultural Continuums and Transitions -79-

Making Waves: The Politics of Survival -100-

List of NATSIAA Winners -114-

Authors' Profiles -116-

References -118-

Acknowledgements -119-