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Museum of Contemporary Art (Hg.): Ricky Maynard. Portrait of a Distant Land, Sydney 2007, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9781921034244

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Elizabeth Ann MacGregor: Director’s Foreword -7-

Henry Reynolds: Introduction -9-

Pilgrimage -11-

Keith Munro: Portrait of a Distant Land -17-

Jim Everett: Ricky Maynard / The Man -29-

Marcia Langton: We Are Here: Memory, Presence and Landscape in Tasmania -39-

In the Footsteps of Others -53-

Ricky Maynard: Returning to Places That Name Us -59-

Paddy Neowarra: Ngarinyin Response to the Wik Decision -64-

Urban Diary -69-

Keith Munro and Ricky Maynard: Revealing Moments in Time -87-

Ricky Maynard: No More Than What You See -103-

Peter Read: The Moonbird People, Dawn, 27 March 2001, Babel Island, Bass Strait -125-

The Elders Album -151-

Biography -157-

Acknowledgements -160-