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Megaw, J.V.S., Maughan, Janet und Zimmer, Jenny (Hg.): Dot & Circle, A Retrospective Survey of the Aboriginal Acrylic Paintings of Central Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne 1986, Ausst. Kat.

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Lois O'Donoghue: Foreword -7-

J.V.S. Megaw, Janet Maughan and Jenny Zimmer: Prefaces -9-

Janet Maughan: Introduction -15-

Rodney Morice: The Kungkayunti Experience -29-

Geoff Bardon: The Origin of the Painting Movement -37-

R.G. (Dick) Kimber: Papunya Tula Art: Some Recollections August 1971-October 1972 -43-

Andrew Crocker: Potential and Pitfalls: Directions and Dangers in Aboriginal Art -45-

J.V.S. Megaw: Contemporary Aboriginal Art - Dreamtime Discipline or Alien Adulteration -51-

Pat Hogan: Notes and Inventory for the Early Consignments of Pintupi Paintings -55-

Janet Maughan: Catalogue -58-

Catalogue Checklist -196-

Appendix -200-

List of Case Exhibits -201-

Photographs Shown in RMIT Exhibition, 1985 -201-

Explanatory Texts Exhibited at RMIT, 1985 -203-

Bibliography -206-