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McCulloch Childs, Emily und Gibson, Ross: New Beginnings: Classic Paintings from the Corrigan Collection of 21st Century Aboriginal Art, McCulloch & Mc Culloch, Fitzroy 2008, ISBN 9780980449440

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Margo Neale: Preface -4-

Emily McCulloch Childs: New Beginnings: the collector and the collection -7-

Ross Gibson: The Imagining -12-

Emily McCulloch Childs: The Collection -17-

Thomas Tjapaltjarri, Walala Tjapaltjarri, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri -19-

Ronnie Tampitjinpa -23-

Thomas Tjapaltjarri -26-

The power of black and white: Dorothy Napangardi Robinson and Lena Nyadbi -30-

Elizabeth Nyumi Nungurrayi -34-

New Pintupi: Charlie Tjapangati, Kutungka Napanangka, Pantjiya Nungurrayi, Mitjili Gibson Napangardi -36-

Jimmy Donegan -41-

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri -43-

Weaving the paint: Regina Wilson and Patsy Marfura -45-

Body paint and bush tucker: Violet Petyarre and Angelina Pwerle -50-

Makinti Napanangka -53-

Eubena Nampitjin -56-

George Ward Tjungurrayi -58-

Paddy Bedford -61-

Roma Butler -65-

Fiona Omeenyo -68-

Naata Nungurrayi -70-

Willy Tjungurrayi -76-

Reconnecting with country: Sally Gabori and Weaver Jack -79-

Wingu Tingima -82-

Walangkura Napanangka -86-

Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri -92-

Some artists of Utopia: Minnie Pwerle, Emily Pwerle, Kudditji Kngwarreye -96-

Jimmy Baker -99-

People of the Spinifex -100-

Kitty Kantilla -102-

Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri -106-

Patrick Tjungurrayi -108-

Warlpiri Aritsts of Yuendumu: Paddy Japaljarri Sims, Betsy Napangardi Lewis, Shorty Jangala Robertson, Paddy Japanangka Lewis, Paddy Japaljarri Stewart, Liddy Napanangka Walker -110-

Kuntjil Cooper -117-

Richard Yukenbarri Tjakamarra -119-

Tiger Palpatja -122-

Yannima Tommy Watson -124-

Lily Kelly Napangardi -132-

Ningura Napurrula -134-

Patju Presley -139-

George Tjungurrayi -142-

The artist of Irrunytju: Jean Burke, Alkawari Dawson, Nyakul Dawson, Ivy Laidlaw -146-


For more than forty years, leading businessman Patrick Corrigan has been one of Australia’s most passionate and significant arts benefactors, patrons and collectors. Since the early 1960s, he has collected and donated many million dollars worth of art books, letters, book plates, paintings, photographs and Australian art of all media to Australia’s leading art galleries and museums. He has founded emerging and other artists grants and been a successful fundraiser for many art projects. Already known for many different collection streams, with a particular focus on the contemporary and new media, post 2000 Corrigan began collecting contemporary Aboriginal art in earnest. His collection has since grown to include most of those ranked as Australia’s modern master painters. In this sumptuous new book, auther and curator Emily Mc Culloch Childs has selected ninety-five paintings by fifty-five artists from the Central and Western Deserts, Top End, the Kimberely, NPY and APY lands and other regions, to feature in lavish illustration and comprehensive text of the artists, their regions and art developments. Artists include Yannima Tommy Watson, Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri, Naata Nungurrayi, Patju Presley, Dorothy Napangardi, George Tjungurrayi, Makinti Napanangka, Jimmy Donegan, Wingu Tingima, Kitty Kantilla and many others as well as the painters of Yuendumu, Irrunytju, Peppimenarti and other regions. Professor of Contemporary Arts Ross Gibson provides an illuminating essay on the aesthetics of the works, and leading indigenous art curator and adjunct professor Margo Neale assesses the place of the collection in Australian art. An essay by Emily McCulloch Childs introduces the collector, reveals his passion for art, collecting choices and art patronage and assesses the strengths and qualities of this unique collection and its maker.