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Medcroft, Rosalie und Gee, Valda: The Sausage Tree, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia 1995, ISBN 0702227838

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Introduction -ix-

The Early Years -1-

Returning to Tasmania -7-

Settling in Lilydale -11-

Our war effort -22-

The terrible twins -31-

Struggle and strife -35-

Christmas - our style -43-

Fun and games -53-

Work and play -60-

Highlights of your year -68-

Our pets -78-

Our resourceful Dad -81-

More of the twins -93-

Out and about again -100-

Epilogue -104-


The title, 'The Sausage Tree', celebrates the favourite childhood game of authors Rosalie Medcraft and Valda Gee. This award-winning memoir tells of the sisters' childhood spent during the Depression in smalltown Tasmania. For the family of nine, thrift was a virtue and home-grown food and hand-made clothing a necessity. In later years, they learned of their Aboriginal heritage as descendants of Manalargenna, leader of the Trawlwoolway people of Cape Portland in north-east Tasmania.