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Mellor, Doreen und Megaw, Vincent (Hg.): Twenty-Five Years and Beyond. Papunya Tula Painting, Flinders Art Museum, Adelaide 1999, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 0725806559

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Gail Greenwood: Preface -3-

Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa: Foreword -3-

Map: Key Sites and Language Groups for Papunya Tula Painters -4-

Doreen Mellor and Vincent Megaw: Introduction -5-

M. Ruth Megaw: Squaring the Circle: Papunya Tula Artists and Flinders University -6-

Doreen Mellor: How many rolls of canvas? Papunya Tula Artists Ptd Ltd -11-

Dick Kimber: Papunya Tula Art: some personal recollections of the period 1985-1999 -15-

Geoffrey Bardon: Reminiscences for Obed Raggett of Papunya -19-

Notes on the artworks -23-

Family relationships and kinship systems -73-

List of participating artists -75-

Biographies of participating artists -76-

Biographies of contributors -86-

List of works by catalogue number -87-

List of works by artists -90-

Bibliography, references and further reading -93-