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Museum of Contemporary Art und The University of Queensland Art Museum (Hgs.): Fiona Foley: Forbidden, Sydney, Brisbane 2009, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9781921034350

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Elizabeth Ann Macgregor and Nick Mitzevich: Forword -5-

Franca Tamisari: Quiet Waters that Abrade the Bridges: New Forms of Visibility in Fiona Foley’s Art -6-

Alison Kubler: Fiona Foley in Conversation -14-

Michele Helmrich: Looking at You Looking at Me: Performance and Ethnography in Fiona Foley’s Photographs -33-

Fiona Nicoll: No Substitute: Political Art Against the Opiate of the Colonising Euphemism -60-

Rachel Kent: Invisible Histories -68-

Louise Martin-Chew: The Guerrilla Operative in Fiona Foley’s Public Art -93-

Gary Lee with Maurice O’Riordan: Badtjala Eyes are Smiling -114-

List of Works -134-

Biography -140-

Acknowledgements -152-