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National Museum of Women in the Arts (Hg.): Dreaming Their Way. Australian Aboriginal Women Painters, New York 2006, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 185759442B

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Britta Konau: Note to the Reader -7-

Jill Milroy: Foreword -9-

Map of Australia -10-

Ambassador Dennis Richardson: Introduction -12-

Judy L. Larson: Acknowledgments -14-

Brian P. Kennedy: Art as Life and Identity -16-

Margo W. Smith: ' The Enchantment of Being What We are'. Diversity and Change in Aboriginal Art -19-

Britta Konau: Dreaming Their Way -31-


Central Australia -36-

Kimberley -82-

Arnhem Land/North Australia -98-

Northeast and Southwest Regions -122-

Artist Profiles -133-

Checklist -151-

Selected Bibliography -157-

Index of Artists and Works -158-

Permissions -160-


'Dreaming Their Way' accompanies the first major US presentation of art by indigenous women of Australia. It showcases 33 artists' important contributions to contemporary painting and represents communitites across the continent. The intensely colorful canvases and extremely intricate bark paintings draw on ancient stories - or Dreamings - and symbols, as well as each artist's deep connection to the land. It is this link to ancient tradition that makes Australian Aboriginal art unique.