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Nicholls, Christine: Yilpinji: Love Art & Ceremony, Craftsman House, Fischermans Bend 2006, ISBN 0975730371

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Love Magic and Ceremony -6-

The Pictures (1) -10-

The Dreaming and Dreaming Narratives -44-

The Pictures (2) -48-

Australian Cultural Expressions of Indigenous Love Magic -70-

Other Traditions - The Language of Love -74-

Yilpinji - Love Magic and Ceremony Touring Exhibition 2003-2007 -79-

Artists‘ Biographies -80-

Completed Picture Narratives -84-

Further Reading -87-


A collection of beautiful prints by Aboriginal artists explores the visual tradition relating to Yilpinji, the love arts and ceremonies practised by the Warlpiri and Kukatja people of the Central and Western Deserts of Australia. The 21 artists are from Balgo Hills, Lajamanu and Yuendumu, among them Bai Bai Napangarti, Helicopter Tjungurrayi and Susie Bootja Bootja Napangarti. The paintings are a response to a special commission for works on the theme of Love Art, and each of them is accompanied by an interpretive citation. The stories of the love arts and the legends and landscapes with pertain to them are beautifully told by Dr Christine Nicholls. They cover areas of kinship, courtship, unlawful relationships, decoration, song art, poetry, song and narrative.