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Pinchbeck, Cara: Yirrkala Drawings, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 2013, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9781741741032

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Michael Brand: Foreword -11-

Wäka Mununggurr: Preface -13-

Cara Pinchbeck: Introduction -14-

John E. Stanton: The Crown Jewels of Our Collection: The Yirrkala Crayon Drawings -17-

Andrew Blake: Yirrkala: A Brief History -21-

Howard Morphy: The Art of the Yirrkala Crayon Drawings: Innovation, Creativity and Tradition -27-

Andrew Blake: Illustrating a Continuum: Fish Traps and Freshwater -35-

The Artists. Their Works and Interviews with Their Descendants -41-

Mowarra Ganambarr -42-

Birrikitji Gumana -48-

Gumuk Gumana -50-

Liyakarrany Gumana -56-

Mundukul Marawili -62-

Bangaliwuy Marrawungu -70-

Mawalan Marika -80-

Wandjuk Marika -88-

Nänyin' Maymuru -98-

Narritjin Maymuru -102-

Mäma' Mununggurr -108-

Wonggu Mununggurr -110-

Djimbaryun Ngurruwuthun -126-

Bununggu Yunupingu -132-

Munggurrawuy Yunupingu -140-

Larrakitj -148-

The Drawings -154-

Notes -163-

List of Works -164-

Map -167-

Select Bibliography -168-

Acknowledgments -170-

Contributors -171-

Index -172-


In 1974 a group of senior Aboriginal leaders and bark painters in Yirrkala in Australia's north-east Arnhem Land collaborated with anthropologists Ronald and Catherine Berndt to document the intricacies of their culture and history. The result was the Yirrkala drawings, a collection of over 360 crayon drawings on butchers paper. Dynamic, vivid and unlike any other Indigenous Australian art, this is the first comprehensive publication of these magnificent drawings. Accompanied by insightful essays and interviews with the artists's descendants, this book reveals the enduring power of this land and ist people.