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Pring, Adele (Hg.): Women of the Centre, Pascoe Publishing, Apollo Bay 1990, ISBN 0947087230

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Introduction -5-

Muriel Olsson: From the Heart -11-

Faith Thomas: From the Shoulder -27-

Audrey Kinnear: Finding Family -47-

Lorna Grantham: Memories of Daisy Bates -67-

Lallie Lennon: Maralinga Dust -88-

Miriam Dadleh: Fair Devil Sticky Beak -99-

Ruth McKenzie: It was Cruel -115-

Eva Strangways: Travelling the Stations -129-

Milly Taylor: Born Out Bush -139-

Jenny Grace: Murray River Woman -157-

Notes on Traditional Aboriginal Life -173-

Timeline -179-

Glossary of Terms -188-

Pronunciation Guide -192-


From Maralinga to the Murray, Alice to Adelaide, ten Aboriginal women tell their stories of walking through atomic clouds, being taken from their mothers in the process of 'Assimilation', traditional punishment and tribal life. Two even had time to play Test Cricket and enter the Miss Australia Quest. Extraordinary stories of survival in a land that wasn't harsh until the first white man declared the land uninhibited. These are Australian women to be reckoned with, women who reared children for tomorrow's Australia in defiance of a government whose policy was to 'smooth the pillow of a dying race'.