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Queensland Art Gallery - Gallery of Modern Art (Hg.): My Country. I Still Call Australia Home. Contemporary Art from Black Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane 2013, ISBN 9781921503542

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Chris Saines: Director's Message -9-

Bruce McLean: This Land is Mine / This Land is Me -13-

Hetti Perkins: My Country -25-

Judy Watson: An Interview -37-

Ruby Tjangawa Williamson: An Interview -62-

Brenda L. Croft: History Always Repeats -75-

Alick Tipoti: An Interview -81-

Michael Cook: An Interview -84-

Glen Iseger-Pilkington: Sorry: Keeping Our Histories Alive -131-

Tony Albert: An Interview -143-

Bindi Cole: An Interview -146-

Tamsin Cull: Gordon Hookey's 'Kangaroo Crew' -167-

José da Silva: My Life as I Live It -171-

Datalogue of works -174-

Acknowledgments -188-

Contributing authors -190-

Sponsors -192-


"My Country. I Still Call Australia Home. Contemporary Art from Black Australia" documents a significant exhibition of contemporary Indigenous Australian art organised by the Queensland Art Gallery-Gallery of Modern Art from its collection. "My Country" features the work of over 130 artists from around Australia, and makes an important contribution to new and authoritative writing on Aboriginal art. Arranged according to the exhibition's themes - my country, my history, my life - the Gallery's extensive holdings of urban-based Indigenouus art, Western Desert painting, north Queensland painting, moving-image works, sculpture and major site-specific installations are profiled in this publication, which is rich in imagery, ideas and narrative. A series of interviews showcases selected artists' voices, their experiences and their unique approches to practice, while essays by highly respected writers Hetti Perkins, Brenda L. Croft and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington provide meaningful insights into the associations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have with land and country, including ideas of connectedness, recognition and reclamation. The vital role Indigenous artists play in telling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories is also explored as they present alternative views of history, assert Indigenous presence over country, respond to political rhetoric and debate, and highlight contemporary Indigenous experience. "My Country" curator, Bruce McLean (Curator, Indigenous Australian Art), traces these rich narratives and proposes a new way of thinking: these stiories are not only Indigenous - they are Australian.