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Ryan, Judith: Colour Power. Aboriginal art post 1984, Melbourne 2004, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 0724120566

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A Message from BlueScope Steel 6-6

Director's Foreword -7-

The Artists -8-

Images -9-

Judith Ryan: From Reckitts Blue to Neon: The Colour and Power of Aboriginal Art -97-

Karen Dayman: Maparlany Parlipa Mapun - We are Painting True, Really True -115-

Christine Watson: Whole Lot, Now: Colour Dynamics in Balgo Art -119-

Christine Nicholls: The Three Napangardis. To the Memory of Maggie Napangardi Watson -123-

Thisbe Purich and Julie Gough: Minyma Tjuta - Many Women Working with Fibre and the Figures of Kantjupayi Benson -126-

Judith Ryan: Boss of Colour: Ginger Riley Munduwalawala -131-

Judith Ryan: I Try to Paint what I Dream: The Art of H. J. Wedge -134-

Julie Dowling: Moorditj Marbarn (Strong Magic) -136-

Gordon Hookey with Judith Ryan: Screaming Out Loud what People are Whispering: Gordon Hookey on Art -139-

Anne Loxley: The Battles Continue: Brook Andrew -142-

Kate Rhodes: When your Heart is Troubled: Tracey Moffatt's 'Night cries' -144-

Selected Bibliography -146-

Checklist and Artist Biographies -149-