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Seear, Lynne und Queensland Art Gallery (Hg.): APT. Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Brisbane 2002, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 1876509317

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Preface -6-

Suhanya Raffel: An introduction -8-

Wu Hung: Mapping contemporaneity -18-

John Pule: When you return... -28-

Sarah Tiffin: Montien Boonma. Between the temple and the temporal -38-

David Burnett: Eugene Carchesio. The order of decay -42-

Julie Ewington: Heri Dono. The multiple matters of modern life -46-

Julie Ewington: Joan Grounds. Material and metonymy -50-

Anne Kirker: Ralph Hotere. Mindful 'kaupapa' -54-

Rhana Devenport: Yayoi Kusama. It started from hallucination -58-

Doug Hall: Lee U-fan. Correspondences -62-

Lynne Seear: Jose Legaspi. 'Mother, utopia, burning house' -66-

Rhana Devenport: Michael Ming Hong Lin. The painted garden -70-

Suhanya Raffel: Nalini Malani, Undertow -74-

Anne Kirker: Nam June Paik. Whimsical encounters, without end -78-

Maud Page: Pasifika Divas. Snapped up -82-

Maud Page: Lisa Reihana and the Pasifika Divas. Greed, lust, betrayal and rivers of fire -88-

Avril Quaill: Michael Riley. The extraordinary Mister Riley (Wiradjuri) -92-

Julie Walsh: Song Dong. The diary keeper -96-

Suhanya Raffel: Suh Do-Ho. 'Who am we?' -100-

Lynne Seear: Howard Taylor. Driven to abstraction -104-

Artist endnotes -108-

Hannah Fink: Forking tongues -112-

Artist biographies -126-

Catalogue of works -150-

Acknowledgements -154-

Sponsors -156-

Index -158


The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art 2002 is the latest in this series of significant exhibitions presented by the Queensland Art Gallery since 1993. Published for APT 2002, this monograph explores in depth the work of a group of influential and innovative contemporary Asian and Pacific artists. Ranging from the contemplative and sensual to the playful and sensational, the art encompasses video, film, performance, installation, painting, sculpture, photography and site-specific works. Nam June Paik, Yayoi Kusama, Lee U-fan and Montien Boonma, who are among the most significant artists to emerge from Asia in the twentieth century, are featured alongside a younger generation of Asian and Pacific artists including Jose Legaspi, Michael Riley, Lisa Reihana, Suh Do-Ho, Michael Ming Hong Lin and Song Dong. Each artist is the subject of an informative essay by writers from the Queensland Art Gallery. These essays are generously illustrated with works from the exhibition and other sources. The book also includes a valuable reference section of biographical, bibliographical and exhibition data for each artist. Placing the art in context is a group of commissioned essays by leading writers, such as Wu Hung, who is a notable scholar and curator in the field of Chinese art. John Pule, Niuean poet and artist, writes imaginatively about myth and place from a Pacific perspective, while Hannah Fink - in conversation with Hetti Perkins, Brian Castro and Nikos Papastergiadis - considers the APT within the framework of a diverse Australian culture.