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Shaw, Bruce: Our Heart is the Land. Aboriginal Reminiscences from the Western Lake Eyre Basin, Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra 1995, ISBN 0855752548

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Preface -vii-

Map of region -xi-

Photographic acknowledgements -xii-

Introduction -1-

The people and their territoreis -23-

Dreamings -33-

Religious life -39-

Living off the land -49-

Early days -53-

Afghans -65-

Epidemics -71-

The stock camps -77-

Drought and flood -87-

Other livelihoods -93-

Missions -99-

Welfare -109-

Self management -121-

Contributors -127-

Select blibliography -131-

Index -143-


This timely collection of Aboriginal life histories provides a glimpse of a world about which little has been published previously. Focusing on themes such as religious life, living off the land, Dreamings and missions, and using the voices of men and women living in and around the Lake Eyre Basin today, Bruce Shaw records a history of oppression and deprivation, disease and exploitation, but also celebrates the survival of a rich culture, and the growth of political awareness and community self management.