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Skerritt, Henry F. (Hg.): No Boundaries. Aboriginal Australian Contemporary Abstract Painting from the Debra and Dennis Scholl Collection, Prestel, München, London, New York, 2014, ISBN 9783791354491

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David Walker: Director's Preface -7-

Dennis Scholl: Preface -9-

Henry F. Skerritt: No Boundaries: Aboriginal Australian Contemporary Abstract Painting -11-

William L. Fox: Painting Stories, Reading Country -19-

Jens Hoffmann: Languages of Abstraction -23-

Ian McLean: Paddy Bedford of Jirrawun: Two-Way Street -32-

Stephen Gilchrist: Jananggoo Butcher Cherel: "Am I a Good Painter or Not?" -44-

Emily McDaniel: Prince of Wales (Midpul): "I Make the Marks" -60-

Edwina Circuitt: Mr. Tommy Mitchell: Pirriya Purlkanya, Big Wind -74-

Quentin Sprague: Ngarra: Ulterior Motives, Unresolved Objects -88-

Darren Jorgensen: Billy Joongoora Thomas: Nature, Time, and Painting -104-

John Carty: Boxer Milner Tjampitjin: Portraits of Water -118-

Fred R. Myers and Luke Scholes: Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri: Powerful Presence in Person and in Paint -132-

Una Rey: Tjumpo Tjapanangka: Hunting for Balgo’s Contemporary Warrior -146-

Notes -164-

Bibliography -168-

Author Biographies -170-

Acknowledgements -173


The rise of the Aboriginal Australian art movement in the early 1970s ushered in an artistic revolution. But like any important revolution, it did not stop there. As the twenty-first century approached, Aboriginal artists across the continent began transforming their traditional iconographies into more abstract styles of art making. Speaking across cultures, without sacrificing their distinctive identities, they found new ways to express the power of the ancestral narratives of the Dreaming. Drawn from the collection of Debra and Dennis Scholl, "No Boundaries" featurs the work of nine trailblazing artists who were at the forefront of the movement: Paddy Bedford, Jananggoo Butcher Cherel, Prince of Wales (Midpul), Tommy Mitchell, Ngarra, Billy Joongoora Thomas, Boxer Milner Tjampitjin, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, and Tjumpo Tjapanangka. Each one was a respected senior Lawman, knowledgeable in every aspect of Aboriginal ceremonial traditions. Inspired by these ancient cultural practices.,they forged one of the most dynamic painting movements of recent times. By exploring the cross-cultural pontential of abstract painting, they drew attention to the entangled networks that define the contemporary experience, reminding us that contemporary art comes from every corner of the globe. The art and life of each artist is given in-depth analysis by leading art historians, curators, ciritics, and anthropologists. The essays shed light on the rich and complex histories behind the artworks, placing them in the context of traditional Indigenous culture, the environment, colonial experience, and the global contemporary art world. In doing so, they reveal nine artists working at the vanguard of contemporary art practice.