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Stephenson, Peta: The Outsiders Within. Telling Australia's Indigenous-Asian Story, University of New South Wales Press, Sydney 2007, ISBN 9780868408361

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Acknowledgments -v-

Introduction -1-

Trading places -17-

Makassan meetings -40-

Dangerous liaisons -58-

Colonial encounters -85-

Paranoid nation -102-

Invasion narratives -127-

Where are you from? -141-

Detoxifying Australia -162-

Old roots, new routes -191-

Notes -212-

Bibliography -235-

Interviews -244-

Index -245-


The Outsiders Within is an engaging account of the ways in which over hundreds of years Indigenous and Southeast Asian people across Australia have traded, inter-married and built hybrid communities. It is also a disturbing exposé of the persistent, sometimes paranoid, efforts of successive white governments to police, marginalise and outlaw these encounters. Peta Stephenson brings to life the three-way relationship between Indigenous, Asian and white Australians by drawing on family narratives and oral histories as well as official documents; and reexamines Australia’s identity, how it is constructed and what it forgets.