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Summerhayes, Catherine: The Moving Images of Tracey Moffatt, Editions Charta, Milano 2007, ISBN 97881586387

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Introduction: Tracey Moffatt - Performance Artist -12-

Chapter 1

The Work to 1988: Making Strange -24-

Nice coloured Girls -42-

Spread the Word -56-

Moodeitj Yorgas -62-

Chapter 2

The Work to 1992: Crying in Colors -76-

Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy -90-

Chapter 3

The Work to 1996 (Part 1): Bedeviled -118-

Chapter 4

The Work to 1996 (Part 2): Scars and Memory -136-

beDevil -150-

Chapter 5

The Work to 1999: These Prison Walls Asunder -214-

Heaven -226-

Chapter 6

The Work to 2003: Nightmares and Visions -234-

Chapter 7

The Work to 2008: Time Travelling -246-

Collaborations with Gary Hillberg -258-

Lip -262-

Artist -276-

Love -288-

Doomed -306-

Photo Album -320-

Appendix -340-

Artist Profile -342-

Bibliography -348-


The Moving Images of Tracey Moffatt is both visually exciting and the very first monograph to explore in depth the film work of the New York-based Australian artist/photographer, Tracey Moffatt. This book is full of striking images drawn from her films by the artist herself, and also includes her own statements, descriptions of her work, and storyboards. The author, Catherine Summerhayes, writes of Moffatt’s experimental work in film from the analytic viewpoint of film studies. She explores Moffatt’s films not only as visual art, but as a particular kind of performance art in company with Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and the American surrealist filmmaker Maya Deren.