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Taipei Cultural Foundation, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei: Wonderland. New Contemporary Art fom Australia, Taipei 2012, Ausst. Kat.

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J.J. Smith: The Double Pathways to the Foreign Cultural Context and the Wonderland of Contemporary Art -12-

Antoanetta Ivanova: Searching for Wonderland -18-


Jirra Lulla Harvey: "Sistagirls" by Bindi Cole -34-

Sean Cubitt: "Timecode" by Caniel Crooks -40-

Robyn Phelan: "From Australia, with love" by Anna Davern -46-

David Teh: "Dislocation" by Alex Davies -52-

Antoanetta Ivanova: "The space between" by Elizabeth Delfs -58-

Carol Dowling: "That Very Thing is Your Contry!" by Julie Dowling -64-

Robert Nelson: "Reconfiguring the origami" by Matthew Gardiner -70-

Alessio Cavallaro: "Flying, Falling, Floating" by Matthew Gingold -76-

Vicki Sowry: "Art at the spead of light" by Chris Henschke -82-

Anneke Jaspers: "The Heart Library" by George Khut -88-

Paul Brown: "Creatures of light" by Kuuki -94-

Melody Willis: "In all tha is and all that aeems" by Fiona Lowry -100-

Judith Blackall: "Soluble time" by Jess MacNeil -106-

Grodon Monro: "Sublime computation" by Jon McCormack -112-

Megan Keating: "Thought noise preludes" by Cath Robinson -118-

Lisa Armitage: "BBQ this Sunday" by Joan Ross -124-

Sharon Peoples: "Cabinet of curiosities" by Julie Ryder -130-

Simon Gregg: "Size of life" by Kylie Stillman -136-

Janine Randerson: "Incompatible elements" by Starrs/Cmielewski -142-

Michelle Glaser: "Open Tuning" by Kynan Tan -148-

John Gregory: "Life support systems" by Jasmine Targett -154-

Shaune Lakin: "Mist opportunities" by Martin Walch -160-

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Catalogue of works -177-

Acknowledgements -189-

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