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Thomas, Rover, Akerman, Kim, Macha, Mary, Christensen, W. und Caruana, Wally: Roads Cross. The Paintings of Rover Thomas, Craftsman Press, Victoria 1994, ISBN 0642130213

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Wally Caruana: Introduction -3-

Rover Thomas -4-

A note about this catalogue -4-

Map -5-

Kim Akerman: The Setting: East Kimberley Country -6-

The Paintings -9-

Rover Thomas Dreams the Krill Krill -22-

The Krill Krill Songs -25-

The Krill Krill Paintings -27-

The Killing Times -40-

Ruby Plains Killings -41-

Texas Downs Killings -46-

Bedford Downs Killings -51-

List of works -58-

Exhibitions and collection -62-

Selected References -62-