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Jacqueline Healy (Hg.), Warlayirti. The Art of Balgo, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne 2014, ISBN 9780992515607, Ausst. Kat.

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Suzanne Davies: Preface -v-

Jimmy Tchooga Tjapangarti: People want to keep their culture strong -vii-

Jacqueline Healy: Warlayirti: The art of Balgo -1-

Sunfly Tjampitjin: Kingfisher - Luurnpa - Wirrimanu story -17-

Mathew Gill Tjupurrula: The beginnings of the Art Centre -25-

Warwick Nieass: Stone carving, ochre and acrylic: Balgo beginnings -27-

John Lee Tjakamarra: We paint our country -33-

Gracie Greene Nangala: The women started painting -37-

Sister Alice Dempsey: The emergence of the art movement in Balgo -45-

Michael O’Ferrall, Catherine and Ronald Berndt: Art from the Great Sandy Desert: The 1986 exhibition -55-

Erica Izett: Queen of the Desert, Eubena Nampitjin and the Balgo women -59-

Una Rey: Men’s painting at Balgo: Pushing the Tjukurrpa -65-

Ian McLean: Contemporary Perspectives: Balgo Futures -71-

Map -80-

Chronology -81-

List of works -149-

Artists‘ biographies -164-