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Wilkie, M.: Aboriginal Land Rights in NSW, Alternative Publishing Cooperative Ltd. (in association with Black Books, Glebe), Chippendale 1985, ISBN 909188858

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Introduction -1-

Doctrines of Discovery, Settlement and Conquest

Aboriginal resistance

Creation of reserves and the Aborigines Protection Board

Aboriginal land rights and civil rights organisations

Joint Committee on Aborigines Welfare

Aboriginal Lands Trust

NSW Aboriginal Land Council and land claims during the 1970s

The Land Rights Report of the NSW Select Committee upon Aborigines -13-

The Select Committee: activitites and evidence

The Report: principles and recommendations

Response to the Report

The Green Paper -37-



The Acts -47-

Crown Lands (Validation of Revocations) Act

Aboriginal Land Rights Act

Press Commentary


What Land? -57-

Direct Transfer

Claimable Crown Lands



The Nature of the Title -69-

Freehold, Communal, Inalienable



Exemptions from Land Tax and Rates

Chages of Use

Sovereignty and Security

Mining and Mineral Rights -77-

Background to Mining Law in New South Wales

Aboriginal Land Trust Mineral Rights

Rights of Aboriginal Land Councils

Negotiation of Mining Agreements

Hunting, Fishing and Gathering Rights -89-

Existing Legislation Still Applicable

Access to Land for Hunting etc.

Sacred and Significant sites -99-

Recommendations of the Select Committee

Present Position

Absence of any Provision in the Land Rights Act

Land Rights Organisations -109-

Local, Regional and the NSW Aboriginal Land Councils: membership, meetings, rules, functions, funding and failure

Interim NSW Aboriginal Land Council

The Registrar

The Minister

Funding for Land Rights -125-

The Funding Mechanism: amount, certainty, demands on the fund, role of the ADC, accountability

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Land and Environment Court -141-

Admendments to Land and Environment

Court Act


The Effect of the Act -149


Land Rights?


Appendix I: Members of the Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly upon Aborigines

Appendix II: Members of the Aboriginal Task Force to the Select Committee

Notes and References


The claims made by the N.S.W. Government for the Aboriginal land Rights Act of 1983 are that it compensates Aborigines for the loss of their lands, that it grants land rights to Aborigines in the State, and that it implements a policy of self-determination. This important book shows that these claims are fals. The Act does not grant land rights; it provides machinery by which Aborigines may in some circumstances acquire some land - relatively little, and not necessarily of the kinds they want. It conceives of land as an economic base, not as a cultural asset and a social necessity for Aborigines. Also, although ownership of Aboriginal land under the Act will be local. or at community level, these communities in the form of the Local Aboriginal Land Councils are not free to use the land as they determine. This book is a fully documented, forceful yet careful demolition of the exaggerated claims of the Government for this Act.