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Art and Australia, 35 (1) 1997, Olympic Arts Festival Special Issue. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art

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Jennifer Spinks: Out of the Dark. Hobart report -44-

Craig Judo: The Painter’s Progress. The William Dobell exhibition -46-

David Hansen: The National Cofectioner. Tom Roberts: The exhibition and Humphrey McQueen’s book -48-

Joan Kerr: Divining the Spiritual. The ‘Spirit+Place’ exhibition at the MCA -51-

Margaret Tuckson: The Land is My Foundation. ‘Djalkiri Wanga’: Barks and works on paper from the Berndt Collection -54-

Chris Anderson: Dreamings of the Desert. An Exhibition of Aboriginal paintings from the Central Desert -56-

Judy Cassab: Artist’s Choice. Rapotec’s Easter Sunday at Notre Dame -58-

Tributes: Lin Onus; Elwyn Lynn -122-

Terry Ingrim: Art Market -126-

Exhibition Commentary: Recent acquisitions from State galleries -128-

Art Directory

Current gallery and exhibiton details -142-

Review: Andrew McNamara on Unpainting -156-


Hetti Perkins and Hannah Fink: Editorial -60-

Galarrwuy Yunupingu: Indigenous Art in the Olympic Age -64-

Djon Mundine: Aboriginal Art Abroad. Responses to touring exhibitions in Europe, the United States and Asia -68-

Judith Ryan: Meaning and Abstraction. The essence in Aboriginal art -74-

Nigel Lendon and Wally Caruana: The Wagilag Sisters. Six decades of bark paintings -82-

Susan Congreve: Painting Up Big. Large-canvas collaborative paintings from Yuendumu -88-

Louise Nowra: Blackness. The art of Rover Thomas -94-

Marcia Langton: The Valley of the Dolls. Black humour in the art of Destiny Deacon -100-

Julie Gough: Tasmania. Contemporary Aboriginal art in Tasmania today -108-

Susan Cochrane: An Outsider’s View. Torres Strait Islander Art -116-