Welcome to aboriginal-art.de

This website is dedicated to providing information on contemporary Indigenous Australian art, especially to readers in Germany, based on our many years of experience and scholarly research.

A series of articles, continually being extended, explore the many facets of this art, the multiplicity of themes, various techniques and styles, and the history of the art movement.

The Infothek is a virtual library, containing extensive lists of literature on contemporary Indigenous Australian art, with accompanying tables of contents and sometimes cover text or book reviews. Art students and others who are interested are welcome to make an appointment to view references in our collection.

We wish our visitors much enjoyment and fascination with the huge spectrum of contemporary Indigenous Australian art!


Our expertise is based on experience arising from projects in Indigenous contemporary art, starting in 1986. From 1997 to 2007 we founded and directed the Aboriginal Art Galerie Bähr and established cooperations with Art Centres in Australia. Within those ten years we organized 18 art exhibitions outside the gallery, in art museums, city art associations and in institutions with reputations for contemporary art. Since 2008 we have curated a further 14 exhibitions. We have published a number of books, written articles and held numerous public seminars.