Links for Information about
Indigenous Australian Art

This part of is devoted to aiding researchers in finding information about Indigenous art and culture, using online resources outside this website. We emphasize government and professional resources and databases which do not require fees. The main sections are listed in the column to the left of this text, and are described below. Any reader with additional suggestions is welcome to contact us.

The section Art Centres in Australia lists the websites of the Indigenous artists' cooperatives in Australia, which usually contain images of artworks for sale, information about some of the artists and some information of the history of the art centre. The staff of the Art Centres are incredibly busy people so the material cannot be expected to be up-to-the-minute.

The list of  Art Museums contains links directly to the special sections on Indigenous art housed within some public art institutions. These links may change so readers are urged to also look at the main page of each institution. Commercial art galleries are not listed in any way, however they can be found using the tips in the section about Using Search Tools Efficiently.

There are very few online art journals which consider (even occasionally) contemporary Indigenous art, however the known cases are listed in the secion Art Journals. One example is the Journal of Art Historiography where approximately 10% of the articles relate to Australia.

Australian universities and libraries offer a wealth of special online resources related to Indigenous culture, much of it accessible Using Search Tools, however some special resources are listed in the section Library and University Online Resources.

Maps which reference Indigenous place names, provide guides to the locations of certain language groups, etc, are referenced in a special section.

Newspapers Online provides a few links to (popular) newspapers which provide special coverage of events and news of special relevance to Indigenous topics, but none of the links have a focus on contemporary art.

Using Search Tools Efficiently is one of the most important articles, providing guides to locating additional material efficiently and providing links to special databases..


Australian Studies Journals provides direct links to the archives of some online journals related to Australian literature, history, culture, etc. Occasionally such journals have articles related to Indigenous topics or literature.

Finally, the section Australian Studies Organisations is provided as a guide to European and Australian professional organizations related to (mainly) Australian literature.