Links to Australian Thematic Maps

Goss Bluff in 3D

A 3D flash-video of the Goss Bluff Meteorite Crater, clearly showing the structure and landscape.

Historical Maps of the Australian Northern Territory

Indigenous Place Names

Example: "Texas Downs Station"

Australian Government Gazetteer Place Name Search

Indigenous Art Projects supported by the Australian Arts Council

Indigenous Languages Maps

An index to references and bibliographies of dictionaries and research into Indigenous Australian languages is provided by means of a map and a list. A more detailed map (by German linguists of 1919 is available here, together with more interactive searching and display.

Show directions of Sunrise and Sunset

The USA Earth Systems Research Laboratory offer a google map interface to show the direction of sunrise and sunset for any place on Earth, at any time of the past or future. This can be useful for using shadows in historical photographs to estimate directions of views.