Links for Australian Studies Organisations

Association for Australian Studies (Germany)

The Association for Australian Studies, also known as GAST Gesellschaft für Australien Studien, was founded in 1989 as an interdisciplinary organisation devoted to furthering scholarship concerned in the broadest way with Australia and to promoting Australian studies, both in teaching and research, in German-speaking countries. The association organises specialist congresses and lectures, publishes academic papers and studies and engages in regular meetings.Members receiver a bilingual journal Zeitschrift für Australien Studien.

Association for the Study of Australian Literature

The Association for the Study of Australian Literature promotes the study, discussion and creation of Australian writing. It also seeks to increase awareness of Australian writing in the wider community and throughout the world. ASAL holds conferences and maintains a directory of postgraduate research on this website.

Australian Aboriginal Art: a reading group

The Aboriginal Art Reading Group is an interdisciplinary gathering regularly attended by staff and postgraduate students of Art History and Australian Indigenous Studies programs at the University of Melbourne. The excellent website is always up-to-date with news, links and reviews, with an archive extending back to 2009.

Australia's Knowledge Gateway

Australia's Knowledge Gateway is a search engine which highlights the activities of Australian researchers. It identifies individuals and institutions with strength in particular research disciplines.The search uses key words so users do not need to be familiar with academic terms. A search in October 2012 for "aboriginal art" identified 81 researchers and listed 5-20 relevant publications for each of them (unfortunately not immediately available online). The search terms "aboriginal art" also identified 13 ongoing research projects.

Monash University, National Centre for Australian Studies (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The National Centre for Australian Studies was established in the 1980s as a special initiative of the Australian government and fosters national and international research collaborations with partners right across Asia and the world. Since 2006, scholars from the Centre have participated in research and teaching programs at Copenhagen University. The National Centre for Australian Studies regularly contributes to research projects, conferences and occasional publications fielded by the British Association for Australian Studies.

Monash University also has the Monash Indigenous Centre (MIC) and the study program for Australian Indigenous Archaeology, an initiative of the School of Geography and Environmental Science.

Monash Country Lines Archive is a collaborative project between the Monash Indigenous Centre (MIC), Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Information Technology with a team of Monash researchers, digital animators and post-graduate students from the Monash Indigenous Centre, Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Information Technology. The goal is to assist Indigenous Australian communities in the animation of stories that combine their history, knowledge, poetry, songs, performance and language to provide material for Elders and younger generations to sit together and share knowledge. Examples of the 3D animations and spoken stories are available here.